Progress Machine provides many services, one of which is heavy machining. In this department, our specialty is cone crusher repair. The most commonly repaired cone crusher parts are the cone head, the wedge plate, the Bonnet and the Bonnet Support.

Progress Machine has been in the industry since 1999 rebuilding heavy equipment for various manufactures. Our market has enabled us to invest into state of the art equipment, allowing us to restore excessively run-down parts to their original specifications.

Crusher Remanufactured


A. Inspection and Assessment

Each project begins with a complete inspection for damage, wear and cracks that may be present. Prior to initiating repair, we inform our customer of our findings and provide our recommendations for effective and efficient repair.

B. Crack Repair

90% of all castings that require refurbishing present cracks that need to be repaired. The procedure for fixing a crack in a casting involves a process that is done by hand. We use the technique of gouging to remove the crack up to the very core of the problem. This is an important process ensuring that the fissure is contained. The gouged areas are then filled back up. After all cracks have been removed, we proceed to the buildup stage.

C. Build Up

Crusher Buildup

Generally, when any part of the cone crusher is run-down, simply machining the parts does not fix the problem. To ensure quality results, we build up all worn out surfaces to their factory specifications. Upon completion of buildup we begin machining the unit to its complete state of quality and preciseness.

D. Machining of Cone Crusher Parts


Progress machine uses a large vertical boring mill to machine these parts to factory specification. Our customer is then informed of the completion of the project.


1. Cone head Repair


Progress machine is capable of replacing the bearing stump of a cone head that has been damaged or broken. Typically, a new cone head is required when this happens. We have the capability of repairing a cone head with a damaged bearing stump and are able to manufacture a new bearing stump to replace the broken one. This process has proven to be most reliable and cost effective.

2. Wedge Plate repair


The wedge plate is a complicated part of the cone crusher that requires many set ups during restoration; it is also a unit that usually undergoes the most wear and tear. Typically, this part contains two large radial and thrust bearing surfaces. In most cases, these bearing surfaces are worn out and require re-seating. Progress machine rebuilds the wedge plate to its original state.

3. Bonnet and Bonnet Support Repair


When the condition of a bonnet and bonnet support are inspected, the v-seat is often the part that needs repairing. The worn out V-seat will show a lot of metal transfer and usually sits lower than normal when the size is checked. In this case, Progress builds-up the v seat surface to the required size, and then machines the parts to match each other. Once the bonnet and the bonnet support are machined to spec, a clearance test is done to ensure maximum taper contact for best performance and reliability.